Mosaic studio

The mosaic of the People’s Salvation Cathedral is the largest and most complex mosaic ensemble made in Romania,

for which 50 people work, using approximately 16 kg of mosaic per square meter.

The team coordinated by painter Daniel Codrescu continues the work on the mosaic painting of the People’s Salvation Cathedral. The team is aware of its mission to help believers look up to God, but also to contribute to the fulfilment of a symbol of the identity and unity of Romanians everywhere.

       Icons are not purely ornamental components, but cooperating and mediating parts in the liturgical service, which unquestionably participate in the work of faith deepening, of the exaltation of the being and of uniting in the spirit of sacrifice with Christ, and through Him, with the Father in the Holy Spirit. 

       The face-to-face encounter with God requires the depiction of the state of perfection of the divine image revealed to the Christian in search of perfection. This encounter can take place only through the icon, which bears in itself a representation of the unchanging and steadfast image of God and of the saints through whom He is glorified.”

The most difficult iconographic works, those from the altar dome, have been completed, but the work on the altar will continue until Easter. The painters still have to complete the decorative motifs under the vault of the Mother of God and they still have to do the painting on the back of the iconostasis.

The icon of the Mother of God Platytera, from the apse of the altar, with a height of 16 meters, is the largest representation of the Mother of God in mosaic in Romania and one of the largest in the Orthodox world.

The mosaic completed in the altar and on the iconostasis represents 20% of the painting area of the People’s Salvation Cathedral: 3,000 square meters out of a total of approximately 25,000.